The Raiders have played in the following Championship games


1987 NSWGFL Champions
1988 NSWGFL Champions
1989 NSWGFL Champions
1990 NSWGFL Champions
1991  NSWGFL Champions
1992 NSWGFL Runners up (Undefeated Minor Premiers)
1993 NSW PSGFL Champions
1994 NSW PSGFL Runners up
1995 NSW PSGFL Champions
1996 NSW PSGFL Champions (Also defeated the Champions of the QLD premier league and the ACT Gridiron league)
1998 NSWGFL Champions
1999 NSWGFL Champions
2005 NSWGFL Runners up
2018 NSWGFL Runners up (Minor Premiers)
2019 NSWGFL Runners up (Minor Premiers)


2015 NSW Opal Bowl IV Champions – Undefeated
2016 NSW Opal Bowl V Champions – Undefeated
2017 NSW Opal Bowl VI Champions – Undefeated
2019 NSW Opal Bowl VIII Champions


2007 NSW Kookaburra Bowl Champions
2008 NSW Kookaburra Bowl Champions
2009 NSW Kookaburra Bowl Runners up