Hall of Fame

In 2009, the Raiders Gridiron Club held their Silver Anniversary Dinner at the St George 16ft Sailing Club and Officially Inducted Gridiron NSW Hall of Fame recipients Stephen Jones, Fred and Melba Burson, Roy Stonehill, Peter Tos Snr and Paul Manera in the Raiders hall of fame.  These people were inducted into Gridiron NSW Hall of fame in 2002 and 2003. Andrew Brundu was also inducted in the Raiders Hall of Fame on that same night in 2009.

All of these recipients were either members of the Bondi Raiders or the Waverley Raiders. The Club is now known as the UNSW RAIDERS GRIDIRON CLUB.


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Stephen Jones                             Fred & Melba Burson                      Roy Stonehill

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Peter Tos Snr                               Paul Manera                                     Andrew Brundu