RGA – Round 3

This past Friday, 17 November 2017, was Round 3 of the RGA Youth Gridiron Academy Competition.

Due to school events and illness we had 2 teams in the Under 11’s with insufficient numbers to field a team and so we have enforced a forced forfeit for both the Giants and the Dragons.  The kids that were able to come down and play still had fun and enjoyable evening competing against each other.  They played Green vs White with Green coming out victorious 58 – 14.  The official recorded scores will be as per the Round 3 results below.

In the Under 13’s both the Bolts have continued their dominance and remain undefeated.  The Cobras had their first win of the season in very competitive game against the Ravens.

The final matches for the evening were the Under 16’s.  All games were very competitive and you can start to see the skill of the players shine through.  The Spartans remain undefeated and the Cheetahs were impressive against the Grizzlies.



  • Bulls 21 def Giants 0 (forced forfeit)
  • Jets 21 def Dragons 0 (forced forfeit)


  • Cobras 46 def Hawks 28
  • Bolts 37 def Ravens 34


  • Spartans 56 def Bears 38
  • Cheetahs 44 def Grizzlies 28

Current Standings are:


NEXT GAMES – Round 3 will be held on Friday 17 November 2017 at the following times:

  • Under 11’s kick off at 6.30pm
  • Under 13’s kick off at 7.30pm
  • Under 16’s kick off at 8.30pm

Hope to see some of you down to support and cheer on our young players.

LEAGUE LADDERS – These are updated weekly and can be found to the right of this post.

Photos: Elissa Manera

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